Johnson Companies Overview


General Background & Capabilities

The Johnson Companies are located in Muscle Shoals, Alabama.  Our company complex includes an office building, warehouse buildings and 24,000 square feet of fabrication shops on a five-acre site.  Our companies own and operate over $2.0 million of construction and fabrication equipment.


The origin of the Johnson Companies dates back to 1918 when the J.K. Johnson Company was formed.  Over the course of the century, the company's activities grew to the extent that three companies evolved; a general construction company, a mechanical construction company and an electrical construction company.  They are each separate yet related and aligned.  The three companies are:


Johnson Contractors, Inc.
J. K. Johnson Mechanical Contractors, Inc.
Johnson Electric Company, Inc.


Having three separate companies offers considerable diversity and options for services that we provide to our customers including having one general company that can provide all general, mechanical and electrical construction services as one company or we can work as independent companies with other subcontractors or general contractors.  We work with the client to determine which approach offers the best advantage for the client and best meets the customer's needs and preferences.  All three Johnson Companies will also act as a subcontractor on projects to other contractors.


We partner with outside engineering firms to successfully complete design/build projects.


Project Approach

The Johnson Companies' long history of successful projects is due, in large part, to our commitment to organizing and planning projects up front and then using available project controls to closely monitor and effectively manage projects.  The results are well-organized and successfully executed construction projects that are completed on schedule and within budget.


Industry Record

Since its founding, none of our companies has ever failed to complete any work awarded.  We strive for excellence and are proud of the fact that we have maintained satisfied customers since 1918.


Company Philosophy

We recognize that our future depends on meeting or exceeding our customer's expectations for our services.  Our employees are encouraged to seek ways to accomplish jobs more efficiently, at lower costs and faster, while strictly adhering to our corporate standards for safety, integrity, service and quality.  If we are to continue our long-term success and profitability, then we must ensure we follow a philosophy that encompasses safety, cost, schedule, internal processes, productivity and actively involves all of our employees.