Johnson Companies Safety Program

The Johnson Companies safety program is directed by a Certified Safety Professional with over 35 years of safety experience in all facets of industrial and commercial applications.


The Johnson Companies are deeply committed to and take pride in our safety program record. We have a long history of maintaining a low Experience Modification Rating (EMR). As examples, our recent EMR's have been 0.64 for 2023, 0.63 for 2022, 0.57 for 2021, 0.62 for 2020, 0.57 for 2019, 0.62 for 2018, 0.58 for 2017, 0.58 for 2016, and 0.67 for 2015.  Our history of an EMR better than the industry standard reflects the consistent commitment to and importance placed on safety by all our companies and their management and employees.


The rigorous safety program followed by all of the Johnson Companies led to the receipt of the Associated General Contractors (AGC) award as the safest contractor in the state of Alabama and to the AGC's Certificate of Commendation for Excellent Safety Record.  The Johnson Companies are committed to maintaining this ranking as one of the top recognized safety programs.


Our number one concern is the safety of the people on our jobsites.  In order to ensure their safety, the Johnson Companies are committed to the following formal safety program:


  • A written safety policy that is endorsed by senior management and has their full support and active participation.
  • Responsibility and accountability for safety by line management including the site supervisor.
  • A written safety program and safety manual that defines safety policies, rules and safe working practices.
  • Professional safety guidance, consultation and oversight by a trained and licensed safety professional.
  • Daily safety oversight at the job site by the site superintendents with periodic safety audits by the company safety professional, our insurance carrier and the Associated General Contractors workers compensation safety representative.
  • Mandatory employee and supervisor safety training.
  • Safety recognition and incentives for employees.


The following summarizes safety training requirements/courses taken by employees:


  • We require all of our employees to go through a new hire safety training and orientation
  • All employees are required to complete the OSHA 10-hour safety training course.
  • All supervisors must complete the OSHA 30-hour safety training class.
  • HAZCOM and the Globally Harmonized System training course.
  • Bloodborne Pathogens training.
  • Personal Protective Equipment class.
  • Drug Program requirements and recertification training.
  • Aerial Lift training.
  • Forklift training.
  • Confined Space Entrant training.
  • First Aid/CPR training.
  • Fire Watch training.